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Radio Remote Control Radio Remote Control Radio Remote Control Radio Remote Control Radio Remote Control Radio Remote Control Radio Remote Control Radio Remote Control Radio Remote Control Radio Remote Control Radio Remote Control Radio Remote Control


For over 20 years Elca srl has been dedicated to the study, development and manufacturing of SAFETY Industrial Radio Remote controls.

Our objective: Offer solutions for the wireless control of various machinery via a highly reliable yet simple Radio Remote of upmost quality meeting and/or exceeding existing European norms and directives.

We take pride in accompanying our products with an equally reliable service and experience which has given confidence to our customers and has allowed us to open new distribution channels word-wide.


  • Location in north East Italy - Vicenza - Italy
  • Brand new modern office and production facility 3 years old
  • A flexible and dynamic team of 25 people
  • A technical department with know – how for the Study and development of radio and components in - house with many of the components made or obtained locally.
  • A service team in house of 4 people as well as on the job installations and repairs both locally and abroad
  • A sales and customer service staff prepared to offer fast courteous and efficient service with the main goal of enabling the customer to make judicious selection of control for the purpose of procurement with the longest possible service life.


  • Elca was established in 1991
  • Fully owned building of 2000 sq meters
  • 30 people employed
  • Full production of approx 4000 remotes made entirely here in our Vicenza factory
  • Solutions for cable controls also possible
  • Annual Sales of close to 4 million euro
  • Quality Certification of TUV Sud obtained in 2004

Product Range :

  • Full range of On/Off and Proportional Radio remotes
  • 5 On/Off and 1 proportional transmitter models available in various formations or layouts
  • 4 different receivers with various options
  • Use of Rechargeable batteries on all of our systems
  • Batteries are NiMh with up to 20 h autonomy for On/Off and 10 hours for Proportional ( under normal working conditions)
  • Radios produced with the use of componential system for easy access and removal or repair in case of faults
  • Automatic Frequency change built into all electronics. Based on model available as manual change or automatic change
  • Same Electronic modules used on all systems
  • UNIQUE ( unequivocal) code keys programmed in Elca
  • All systems available in 433 – 434 Mhz frequency band or alternatively in 870 Mhz band ( MITO model )
  • Working range 150 meters ( more if in open range)


Industries Syndicate has been manufacturing conventional controls for various Cranes & material handling system for last 50+ years in INDIA. Manufacturers who standardised on our Control equipment are Jessops, Braithwaites, Burn & Co., Hindustan Motors, MAMC, to mention only a few, who supplied these to major users all over India.

For enhancing another dimension to our Control, we have acquired the technology & experience of an Italian master ELCA Srl to interface their Radio Control with our Conventional Controls for Cranes & Material Handling Equipments.

Industries Syndicate is the authorized distributor for sales & services of ELCA radio controls in India.

The prime features of these Radio Controls is the high degree of safety it incorporates, with “EURO” safety performance norms applied to the material handling industry.

For more details of these SAFETY Radio Control please get in touch with our sales team or you can directly email us your enquiry.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

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